About Us

The Commercial Services Program of the National Park Service administers more than 500 concession contracts with gross receipts totaling about $1 billion annually. Our concessioners employ over 25,000 hospitality industry people during peak season; providing services ranging from food and lodging, to white water rafting adventures. The Commercial Services Program administers these contracts, including monitoring the performance of concessioner operations and performance. Concessioners are authorized to offer certain specific goods and services to park visitors, which are not provided by National Park Service personnel. By welcoming the private sector as a partner in park operations, the National Park Service broadens the economic base of the region in general and the communities surrounding the parks in particular. Click here for a list of authorized concessioners presently operating in national parks. You can click here to view 2015 revenues. You may also want to click here for an overview presentation about doing business in national parks.

If you'd like more information, contact us at 202-513-7156 or send us an email to commercial_services@nps.gov.