2010 National Accessibility Achievement Awards

The National Park Service Accessibility Program is accepting nominations for the 2010 National Accessibility Achievement Awards. The Accessibility Awards offer an opportunity to recognize not only parks, but also concessioners who have gone above and beyond basic accessibility compliance requirements. Nominations may be for independent concession activities or in partnership with the park.

Award Categories

The Accessibility Achievement Award offers an opportunity to recognize concessioners for their efforts in one of the areas listed below.

  • Accessibility Leadership Achievement
  • Sustained Park Achievement - Sustained Provision/Improvement of Accessibility
  • Volunteer Achievement - Helping NPS Accessibility Work
  • Programmatic Achievement - Improving Accessibility to NPS Programs and Services
  • Architectural Design Project Achievement - Making the Physical Environment Accessible
  • Interpretive Design Project Achievement - Making Exhibits and Waysides Accessible
  • Accessible Website Achievement
For More Information

Please contact your Park Concessions Management Specialist to obtain instructions and nomination forms. Concessioners may develop nominations themselves, but the nomination application must be reviewed by the Park Concessions Specialist and subsequently submitted with a cover letter from the Park endorsing the nomination. The deadline for the Parks submittal of nominations is July 30, 2010.

We encourage you to apply and showcase your Accessibility Program efforts.