Concessions Management Advisory Board

The Concessions Management Advisory Board was established as part of the National Parks Omnibus Management Act of 1998 and its purpose was to advise the Secretary and National Park Service on matters relating to the management of concessions in the National Park System. The board was intended to sunset on December 31, 2008, but we continued to maintain it for 5 additional years, with many positive impacts. However, our challenges are much different than they were in 1998, and we want to ensure the Advisory Board is postured to continue their key role of providing the National Park Service advice relating to concessions management. Towards this end, we're taking 2015 to conduct a top to bottom review of how the Advisory Board can best be structured in the future. Please continue to check this website for any available updates.

We'd be very interested in any recommendations you may have about how we can better utilize the Advisory Board to best serve the concessions program. If you have comments or questions, please contact us.