Blue Ridge Parkway

Solicitation for the award of a Concession Contract for Craft Sales at Flat Top Manor in Moses H. Cone Memorial Park along Blue Ridge Parkway

The Parkway Craft Center is located on the first floor of the Manor. This area of the Manor has served as a regional handicraft retail center for over sixty years. Currently, the Manor’s tenants include the NPS, a bookstore operated by Eastern National, an NPS partner, and the Existing Concessioner, the Southern Highland Craft Guild. The large basement is unoccupied, and the second and third floors are unfurnished. There is a service road in the back of the Manor, and about 42 parking spots in two separate lots to the side of the Manor. There are near term plans to expand the parking lot. Public Restrooms are in the original Carriage House, a separate building located down a walkway from the Manor. Any proposal must be received by 4:00 p.m. (MT) September 28, 2017. Please send proposals to:

National Park Services
Southeast Region
Attn: Chief of Concessions
100 Alabama St, SW
Atlanta GA 30303

Hard copies will be available upon request for a printing cost recovery charge. The fee is $40.00 per copy to be delivered via Federal Express or $35.00 per copy if picked up in person. Persons interested in obtaining a Prospectus should mail, or bring in person, a check or money order made payable to the NPS. (Cash will not be accepted.) You must include a physical address (no post office box) and a telephone number to receive a Federal Express package.

To receive amendments to this prospectus, please notify Mark Morgan, to receive notification of responses to questions or amendments to this Prospectus. The NPS will send any additional information specific to the Prospectus in writing, via email, to interested parties who have been placed on the contact list. Questions related to the Prospectus must be submitted in writing, via email to Laura Nelson no later than Thursday, August 17, 2017.