2013 Environmental Achievement Awards

NPS recently announced the 2014 recipients of its annual Environmental Achievement Awards, honoring NPS teams and partners that demonstrate exceptional environmental accomplishments in line with Executive Order (EO) 13423, Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management, and EO 13514, Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance. This year, two concessioners were recognized for their achievements supporting the NPS goal of the preservation, protection and stewardship of environmental resources.

Delaware North at Yellowstone’s GreenPath

Delaware North Companies Parks and Resorts (DNC) at Yellowstone National Park received an award for their comprehensive approach to sustainability through GreenPath, their ISO14001:2004 certified Environmental Management System. GreenPath aligns with EO 13514 and is integrated into all operations, providing a framework for DNC to reduce environmental impacts related to energy, water, air, waste, pollution, and education. The broad environmental successes achieved by DNC through GreenPath demonstrate an exemplary commitment to continual improvement and to environmental stewardship that goes "above and beyond."

Examples of DNC’s environmental projects that were executed under GreenPath that directly support EO 13514’s energy reduction goals include a full lighting retrofit at the West Yellowstone Warehouse, installing motion sensors, and installing a solar renewable energy system that resulted in 30% reduction in electricity use. To address the EO’s fuel consumption goals, DNC encouraged employee carpooling, incentivized employee use of public transportation, instituted a no-idling policy, optimized vehicle use, and prioritized alternative fueled and hybrid vehicles. These efforts resulted in reducing fuel consumption by 1,561 gallons annually. DNC’s Environmental Purchasing Program incorporates locally-sourced food and products, healthy menu options, and compostable dishware. DNC also achieved success reducing consumption of potable water, increasing waste diversion, and educating visitors in line the EO.

Forever Resorts at Lake Mead, Cottonwood Cove Marina Services Building

Forever Resorts new Marina Services Building (MSB) at Cottonwood Cove is an innovative example of not only overcoming a challenging construction setting but doing so while also achieving green building and sustainable design excellence. The MSB is a 2,009 square-foot building that floats in the marina at Cottonwood Cove, providing rental services, supplies, and information to park visitors, and housing a boat workshop. It replaces a 30 year old existing building and is the first floating building to achieve LEED certification (Gold) by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The USGBC has established a point system for floating buildings based on Forever Resorts’ MSB. In addition, the marina housing the MSB was the first Nevada Clean Marina Program certified facility.

The construction team took great care to minimize disturbances to the site, contain debris, and implement Best Management Practices throughout construction. The building’s orientation and design maximize the use of natural daylight, and window glazing accounts for the heating and shading effects of natural light at different times during the day. The building received additional LEED credits for water efficient landscaping and technologies, preferred parking for fuel efficient vehicles, optimized energy performance, and recycled content and low-emitting building materials, and other green building practices. Forever Resorts has incorporated an educational program about the building that includes displays, signage, and educational tours.