NPS Concessioners and Centennial Souvenirs

NPS Centennial souvenirs

Special occasions call for special mementos, and the National Park Service (NPS) centennial is no exception. Several programs have been launched to produce centennial souvenirs that have the added benefit of generating funds that support NPS projects. Two programs open to concessioner participation are the centennial licensing program and the commemorative coin program from the United States Mint.

Centennial Licensing Program

The NPS and the National Park Foundation launched the Centennial Licensing Program in the summer of 2015 to facilitate the sale of official centennial and Find Your Park (FYP) branded merchandise, souvenirs, and apparel. Since then, about 60 concessioners and cooperating associations have been selling merchandise in parks, covering about 90% of the parks that have retail (bookstore, gift shop, or both). As a result, centennial and FYP merchandise is available to the majority of park visitors.

The program offers two options for participants. The first is to license the centennial and Find Your Park logos directly and share them with existing vendors to create new and original merchandise. The royalty rate for licensing the logos to create original product is 4.25%. Through June 2016, concessioner sales of original products totaled just over $1M, generating $40,000 in royalties that benefit the National Park Foundation and are used to fund projects that protect park resources.

Concessioners and cooperating associations also have the option to purchase centennial and FYP merchandise from a wholesale store that is exclusive to these communities. The royalty rate for merchandise purchased from the wholesale store is included in the purchase price, so concessioners and cooperating associations don’t have to track and report those sales. Through June 2016, concessioners have purchased almost $70K of wholesale merchandise generating additional royalties that fund park projects.

Commemorative Coin Program

Concessioners also have the opportunity to sell the special coin series from the United States Mint, the “100th Anniversary of the National Park Service Commemorative Coin Program.” Concessioners can purchase the coins at a discount directly from the United States Mint and sell them in-park. Evelyn Hill Inc. in particular has been offering the coins and reporting robust sales, as have several cooperating associations.

Concessioners are encouraged to share information about the coins with visitors. A toolkit for the coin program is available to download at the website Next Century for Parks that includes:

  • Talking points
  • Digital graphics
  • Ready-to-print rack cards/bag stuffers, and point-of-sale signage

Both programs continue through the rest of the year and are great opportunities to support centennial initiatives that benefit parks and visitors.

For more information, please contact Donald Leadbetter at 202-208-2316.