Asset Management

The responsibilities of asset management are interwoven throughout the concessions contract development and contract management processes. The primary aim of the asset management function in the commercial services program is to manage the physical facilities and infrastructure that are owned by the government but assigned to concessioners. This effort involves both park staff and the concessioner in maintaining the condition of these government-owned assets. There has been increased emphasis on asset management since the passage of the Concessions Management Improvement Act of 1998.

NPS asset managers and concessions specialists work with Park Superintendents to insure that concession contracts have assigned the applicable assets including: land, buildings, and assets within the immediate vicinity of buildings such as pipes and handrails. Maintenance plans define the respective responsibilities for the concessioner and the Park and also serves as the guiding documents for concession management activities. This plan is based upon the park's concession park asset management plan, which is the long-term strategy of how a property should be maintained. Condition assessments are conducted to monitor and track the concessioner's operation and maintenance of NPS facilities.

Assets are kept in working condition through various means. Condition facilities improvement programs define contractually required capital improvements to be completed by the concessioner. Repair and maintenance reserve funds used for the replacement of real property components over the term of a contract. These expenditures are estimated during condition assessments and an annual percentage of set-aside funds is defined within the contract.