2017 Accessibility Achievement Awards

This program recognizes outstanding accomplishments within the National Park System that result in greater opportunities for persons with disabilities. This program was initiated in FY 2000 and has resulted in the recognition of a host of extremely creative and innovative projects, all of which have significantly increased accessibility for people with disabilities at NPS facilities and programs. Awards will be presented for the following categories:

  • Sustained Park Accessibility Achievement – Sustained Provision/Improvement of Accessibility
  • Accessibility Leadership Achievement
  • Programmatic Accessibility Achievement - Improving Accessibility to NPS Programs and Services
  • Architectural Design Project Achievement – Making the Physical Environment Accessible
  • Interpretive Design Project Achievement – Making Exhibits and Waysides Accessible
  • Volunteer Accessibility Achievement
  • Concessioner Accessibility Achievement – Improving Accessibility in Commercial Services

If you are interested in submitting a nomination, please contact your Commercial Services representative to access the Nomination Instructions and Nomination Form.