Southeast Region Issues RFEI

The National Park Service is seeking parties interested in operating Otter Creek Restaurant and Gift Shop or Rocky Knob Cabins along the Blue Ridge Parkway in southwestern Virginia. Individuals, governmental agencies, not-for-profit and for-profit organizations are welcome to submit proposals. All Proposals for alternative legal uses will be considered.

Otter Creek Facilities Overview

The Otter Creek Restaurant, Gift Shop and Campground (MP 60.8) are located on Otter Creek, approximately 20 miles from Lynchburg, VA. The Restaurant and Gift Shop facility at Otter Creek was designed as a modern board-and-batten frame building with traditional Southern Appalachian features such as a long porch across the front, a jerkinhead or clipped gable roof, and a stone chimney. The facility opened for business in May, 1960. Site stabilization of an area just behind the restaurant was also accomplished as a part of the restaurant building improvements that occurred during the spring of 1999. A montane oak-hickory forest is the principal plant community surrounding the restaurant.

Historically, the 3,190 square foot facility was operated as a Restaurant and Gift Shop. The facility was open from May through October, serving breakfast and lunch. As it was configured, the dining room seated 57. The gift shop sold gifts, souvenirs, sundries and firewood. The facility has been closed since the end of 2010.

The adjacent, 69-site, Otter Creek campground, opened in 1960 with a small amphitheater established in 1962, is operated by the NPS, but was offered as a concession operation in the 2012 prospectus. Interested parties could improve and rent campsites, or have the opportunity to rent camping gear. Appendices to this RFEI contain additional information about the facilities.

Rocky Knob Facilities Overview

The Rocky Knob Cabins, a small, secluded complex of seven housekeeping cabins, a manager's house and a shower/bath house is located near Floyd, VA. These historic structures constructed in 1941 by the Civilian Conservation Corps. First developed as "trail lodges", the Cabins were remodeled for use as family housekeeping units in 1950. Six of the cabins include a bedroom and kitchen. The seventh cabin is ADA accessible and includes private bathroom in addition to a kitchen. Each cabin is 418 square feet. The 960 square foot manager's house includes a bedroom, living area, kitchen, bathroom and office. The 792 square foot shower house has men's and women's bathrooms and showers, and a laundry room. The cabins were historically available for rental May through October. The cabins have been closed since the end of 2012.

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and North Carolina, the Blue Ridge Parkway is a 469-mile recreational motor road that connects Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountains National Parks while protecting the cultural and natural features of the region. Visitors are drawn to this area to experience the stunning scenery and close-up looks at the natural and cultural history of the mountains.

Any offer must be received by September 10, 2014. Please submit responses to:

Laura Nelson
Concessions Management Specialist
National Park Service Blue Ridge Parkway
199 Hemphill Knob Road
Asheville, NC 28803

There will be site visits for interested parties at both locations on July 30, 2014. For site visit information, questions or comments, please contact: Laura Nelson, Concessions Management Specialist, National Park Service, Blue Ridge Parkway, 199 Hemphill Knob Road, Asheville, NC 28803, (828) 348-3407. Respondents are encouraged to submit an electronic copy of their response in any format. If you wish to receive future updates please advise Laura Nelson, via email.

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