Grand Teton National Park Releases Notice of Anticipated Prospectus Release

The National Park Service anticipates issuing a Prospectus for one contract to provide boat shuttle service, scenic interpretive boat tours, and non-motorized boat rental on Jenny Lake at Grand Teton National Park. It is expected that the Prospectus will be released in late winter or early spring of 2017 when these services and associated facilities are closed; therefore, no official site visit of the concession facilities will be conducted.

Interested parties may choose to view the operation of the boat shuttle, tour, rental services, and associated facilities on their own prior to the Concession closing for the season on September 11, 2016. After September 11, 2016, the Concession will not be in operation; however, the facilities will still be accessible to be viewed by interested parties until the Teton Park Road closes on October 31, 2016. Access after September 11, 2016, will be via the Concession parking lot, located off Lupine Meadows Road near the Jenny Lake Boat Launch.

The primary area of operations related to this opportunity are located adjacent to the South Jenny Lake visitor use area, accessed via the Teton Park Road, 21 miles north of Jackson, Wyoming. Facilities that will be associated with the new contract include the South Jenny Lake Boat Dock, the West Jenny Lake Boat Dock (located on the west shore of Jenny Lake), the above ground fuel tank and fuel dispensing system, a historic cabin used for administrative functions and employee housing, a small historic building currently used for storage and an employee break area, and a parking area designated for concessions employees. Please note that as part of this project, the existing West Jenny Lake Boat Dock will be removed after September 11, 2016, and replaced with a new dock prior to the start of the new contract.

Interested parties, who opt to self-tour the Concession operation, will not have access to the interior of the buildings used for administration, employee housing, and storage. No questions pertaining to the business opportunity will be addressed at this time. Once the Prospectus is released, there will be an open period for written questions. The Service will respond to all questions received during the open period in writing to ensure all interested parties receive the same information.

Construction is currently underway in the South Jenny Lake area. Parties interested in viewing the current concession operation prior to its seasonal closure on September 11, 2016, are advised to check the park's website for information on closures and other impacts to visitors. Information on construction in the Jenny Lake area can be found here. For information about Grand Teton National Park, visit the National Park Service website. Information regarding the release of the Prospectus will be posted on Federal Business Opportunities.

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