NPS Commercial Services

Warning - Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses

The NPS recently received the following warning information from the National Air and Space Administration (NASA) regarding the sale of solar eclipse viewing glasses which may not meet safety standards. Please share this with your concession and CUA operators and ensure that any merchandise being sold in concession stores or being used for concession or CUA operators conform to NASA guidelines.

Some vendors, are selling solar viewing glasses that are UNSAFE. Some are specifically being marketed to children. NASA is concerned that NPS operators may have purchased some of these for use at event sites.

How to know if your glasses are safe:

  1. Made in USA by one of the following: Rainbow Symphony, Thousand Oaks, TSE or American Paper Optics
  2. You'll find "ISO 12312-2" or "ISO 12312-2:2015" printed on all these filters. In addition to making sure your eclipse shades or handheld viewers meet the ISO safety standard, make sure they are in good condition. If the filters are torn, scratched, or punctured, discard them. If the filters are coming loose from their cardboard or plastic frames, discard them.

For questions, please contact Kurt Rausch, NPS Commercial Services Program at 202-513-7202.